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Victor Ivrii vivrii at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 00:28:04 CET 2009

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 6:51 PM, Alain Schremmer
<schremmer.alain at gmail.com> wrote:

> Because money has become an end in itself.
> Similarly, during the past thirty years, the profits of the "elementary
> textbooks" publishing industry have gone steadily up while the ranking of US
> students in TIMMS and later PISA have gone steadily down.

Alain, every time when "why books and journals are so expensive" talk
comes sooner or later someone from publishing industry pops-up
claiming that they are either making no profit or even losing money. I
suspect that it may be the case as a waste is enormous. Any university
professor gets free desk copies for all involved in the course (TA
included) and some promotional copies he/she never uses or even never

Honestly I don't know is it a greed or monstrous waste

Victor Ivrii, Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

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