[OS X TeX] Didnt able to understand this messege in Console window

Morten Høgholm morten.hoegholm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 22:38:01 CEST 2009

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 9:58 PM, David Watson <dewatson at me.com> wrote:
> On Oct 14, 2009, at 2:50 PM, HELL BOY wrote:
>> I am using latex from last few months now, I always get this messege
>> "Underfull \hbox (badness 10000) in paragraph at lines 293--294"
> This has to do with the way TeX justifies lines of text. There is a
> mathematical formula for "badness" which tells you that either your text
> can't be justified without a lot of stretch (underfull) or that your text
> runs over the edge of the margin and moving the text to the next line would
> be worse (overfull).

More specifically, this warning is often seen when people try to end
their paragraphs with \\ to get blank lines between paragraphs. If
that is what one wants, the parskip package is worth a look.

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