[OS X TeX] MacTeX breaks BBEdit clippings

Fritz Anderson fritza at manoverboard.org
Mon Oct 12 18:16:39 CEST 2009

I run BBEdit as my LaTeX editor. BBEdit can keep sets of macro files  
("Clippings") for each language, so I can select some text, press opt- 
cmd-B, and get \textbf{} put around that text.

BBEdit assigns clippings to languages by putting them in directories  
having the name of the language, with an extension matching the one  
for source files for that language. For example, "C Source.cp,"  
"JavaScript.js," etc.

The problem comes with the clippings directory "LaTeX.tex."  
Incredibly, applications in MacTeX register .tex as a _package_  
extension. ("Incredibly" is the mildest term I can think of.)

This means that LaTeX.tex appears in the Finder as a single document  
(wrong), and that BBEdit can't use it as a clippings vocabulary  
(disastrous, for me).

The culprits seem to be TeXShop and Excalibur. I've edited the  
Info.plist files of both, killing the LSTypeIsPackage key for .tex.  
I've done everything I can think of with lsregister. TeXShop seems to  
have come around, but the lsregister dump for Excalibur persists in  
showing the package flag for .tex.

This is all but a show-stopper for me. How do I correct this?

	— F

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