[OS X TeX] Advise needed for transition from PC to Mac

Berend Hasselman bhh at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 3 09:36:58 CEST 2009

On 02-10-2009, at 00:59, Per Ting wrote:

> Hi,
> I am moving from PC to Mac. I have just received my Mac Book Pro. On  
> PC I have been using Winedt 5.5+Miktex 2.8+Sumatra (and Adobe  
> reader) for many years, and I can say I am an intermediate to  
> advanced user of these. My preferred fonts are the complete set of  
> Lucida Bright fonts purchased from PCTeX and occasionally I use  
> Mathtime (from my old Y&Y days) and Fourier fonts.
> I know that under Mac, the platform of choice is Texshop and Mactex  
> (Texlive based) and I am planning to install and start using this  
> collection (including bibdesk and excalibur), but at least for some  
> time I would like to use my old Winedit+Miktex+Sumatra setting with  
> Parallels on my Mac while my transition to Texshop becomes complete  
> and I get a complete hold of it. Now my questions:
> 1-What is the best method of setting up MacTex (TeXshop and  
> friends)? Should I wait until Texlive 2009 is available? Does  
> Texlive get updated as frequently as Miktex? Does it have on the fly  
> package download capabilities?

AFAIK, MacTeX does not have the on the fly downloading of missing   
A full install of MacTeX will contain all packages. TeX Live Utility  
can be used to update.

> Does it have update facilities like Miktex? Is the editor as  
> versatile and configurable as Winedt with a macro writing capability?

There is no "the editor" for TeX/LaTeX.
MacTeX is independent of any editor you use.

TeXShop: very nice.
TextMate: very good with wonderful syntax highlighting. Works well  
with the open-source pdf previewer Skim.
If you are used to WinEdt I think you'd come to like TextMate.
You could also try the free TextWrangler.

I use TeXShop and TextMate (especially for heavy editing).

> 2-What is the best method of installing Winedt+Miktex+Sumatra (and  
> adobe reader) under Parallels for a complete Newbie in the Mac world?

Just install them in the usual Windows way.
I wouldn't do this; seems a waste of time.
Get used to TeXShop as quickly as possible. You really won't regret it.


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