[OS X TeX] using variables in text via references or labels

Gert van Oss gertmt at mac.com
Tue Mar 31 00:03:39 CEST 2009

On 30 mrt 2009, at 23:50, Alan Munn wrote:

> You're welcome.  Just for completeness, there was a redundancy in  
> the getrow command: it doesn't need to assign a command to the  
> Index, and it certainly doesn't need to assign it twice as in my  
> original example.  So a better command would be:
> \newcommand{\getrow}[2]{%
> \DTLforeach*[\DTLiseq{\myindex}{#2}]{#1}{%
> \tableA=A,\tableB=B,\tableC=C,\tableD=D}}
> (Of course if having a command for the Index is useful, it could be  
> assigned.)
> Alan

you're probably giving me an exercise
; )
the `\myindex=Index` has to be there just once in order to get a  
correct result.


I'll see what I can make of the fp.package. Though it seems this  
technique works for me at this moment.

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