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> There was at one time a commercial product Word2TeX and a
> companion TeX2Word from Chiklis Software (spelling and exact
> name perhaps in error)

Chikrii Softlab is the name:  <http://www.chikrii.com/>.

> which used MathType to convert (most
> of) the equations in a LaTeX source file into Word.
> I believe the company had a free month trial,

That’s true, see <http://www.chikrii.com/products/word2tex/dl/> and <http://www.chikrii.com/products/tex2word/dl/ 

> and MathType
> likewise had a similar free trial. You could give these guys
> a spin at no cost to see if they will do what you need. I
> fear that the Chiklis software was only available as Windows
> executables;

That’s also true.  Being forced to use Word2TeX quite frequently  
<*sigh*>, I once asked Chikrii if there’s any chance to get it ported  
to MacOS X and/or Open Office or something -- nope, never, they said.   
That ought to be true for TeX2Word, too, \me thinks.

… with regards from Ladenburg:

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