[OS X TeX] set difference using TikZ and beamer

Art Werschulz agw at comcast.net
Fri Mar 20 18:22:13 CET 2009


I'm trying to do a slide that contains a Venn diagram and some  
commentary.  I found Til's Venn diagram example at
and I'm trying to somewhat blindly modify same.

Here's the code for such a page:





   \frametitle{Constructing $C$}
       \newcommand\circleA{(0,0) circle (1.5cm)}
       \newcommand\circleB{(2cm,0) circle (1.5cm)}
       \begin{scope}[even odd rule]% first circle without the second
         \clip \circleB (-2,-2) rectangle (2,2);
         \fill[yellow] \circleA;
       \begin{scope}[even odd rule]% second circle without the first
         \clip \circleA (-2,-2) rectangle (4,4);
         \fill[yellow] \circleB;
       \draw \circleA node {$L(A)$};
       \draw \circleB node {$L(B)$};
   \[L(C) =
   \big(L(A)\cap\overline{L(B)}\big) \cup \big(L(B)\cap\overline{L(A)} 
      \item We used proofs by construction to show that regular
        languages are closed under union, intersection, and complement.
      \item We can use those constructions to construct a~FA that


Unfortunately, the diagram starts way too low on the page.  As a  
result, the last two lines of text don't appear on the slide.

Any ideas on how to fix?  Thanks.

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