[OS X TeX] Problem with Figure/Includegraphics

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Mar 20 11:33:39 CET 2009

Am 20.03.2009 um 00:10 schrieb Jacques Dubucs:

> E.g. From the following code will result 2 pictures of Gödel, the  
> second
> one, but not the first one, being preceded at the left by the label  
> "G.jpg":

It's obviously a malfunction in graphics.sty or graphicx.sty that  
becomes more obvious when you leave away the image file's extension.  
Using eponymous terms like "foobar" and "foo bar" and of course  
having files (actually sym-links) foobar.png, foo.png, and, for a  
final try, bar.png, I *cannot* produce output with two images. All I  
get is one picture plus a caption:

	bar.png bar.pdf bar.jpg bar.mps bar.jpeg bar.jbig2 bar.jb2 bar.PNG  
bar.PDF bar.JPG bar.JPEG bar.JBIG2 bar.JB2

But when I change the name of the file to be included from "foo bar"  
to "foo bar.png" I get indeed a second image (bar.png) included!

We had a few days ago a thread on space character(s) included in an  
included file's name. Using ``"foo bar"´´ works. Using ``"foo  
bar.png"´´ does not work. Other variations also fail.

A space character is a word delimiter. In every language (I know of).  
I wouldn't like a change.



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