[OS X TeX] ISO Latin 9 encoding in TeXShop?

Franck Pastor franck.pastor at skynet.be
Thu Mar 19 09:50:28 CET 2009

Le 19-mars-09 à 00:06, Richard Koch a écrit :

> Franck,
> On Mar 18, 2009, at 1:19 PM, Franck Pastor wrote:
>> I've just installed TeXShop 2.26 and tried its improved "Encoding"  
>> macro, which is much more easier to use than before :-) But I also  
>> noticed that an encoding is missing on the encodings list opened  
>> by this macro: ISO Latin 9. Is it recognized by TeXShop? In that  
>> case, what must I enter? Something like
>> % !TEX encoding = IsoLatin9
>> seems to work, but I would like to be sure of it. Also Ansinew  
>> (cp1512), the default encoding of many TeX front ends on Windows,  
>> is missing, but maybe it's a deliberate choice, since it's much  
>> like ISO Latin 1?
>> Many thanks in advance,
> It appears that the list in the macro is not complete. I'll fix  
> that in my copy here, but you can fix your copy by editing the  
> macro. When you open the macro code, the fix will be immediately  
> clear.

Indeed, I've managed to do it and it works. Thanks again!

> I have never received a request for Ansinew; adding this would  
> require changes in TeXShop's Cocoa code.

It's not so important, since Ansinew is an mere extension of Latin1,  
with some more symbols (œ and Œ for example, used in French  
language). I can easily fix the files coming from Windows that are in  
this encoding and that contain this kind of symbols: I open them in  
Iso Latin 1 and manually replace the œ and Œ by the LaTeX commands  
\oe and \Œ. It's kind of "boring", but not so much :-)

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