[OS X TeX] question regarding spacing after a period

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 12 09:41:36 CET 2009

Martin Costabel schreef:

> The mla environment explicitly sets \frenchspacing. The mla.sty gives
> this amazing advice:
> % LaTeX does not allow double spaces after periods like most term and
> research papers require.
> % When typing your paper, hit the spacebar twice as normal.  After
> you are finished with your project,
> % do a find/replace by changing all double spaces into (space)\(space).
> It also produces truly horrible output. There should be a law against
> such style files...

That is not the only problem with it:

* It uses an old test to see if it is running on latex (dvi) or pdftex,
loading graphicx with the wrong option if you produce dvi these days.
* It uses the times package (I believe this is not called obsolete).
* Alters the page size (hard-coded).
* It uses usepackage inside the style file (should be \RequirePackage IIRC).
* Makes TeX output look like Word.

Where can we file a petition to put this style file in the obsolete bin?


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