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> Re.: tabs vs. windows

It's not that. It's more sign of an organisational problem. Some work  
only on simple cases with one source and one output and no real  
problems between source and output. Others work on complicated  
sources or many sources at one time. Particularly the latter case is  
an organisational issue. It could be solved by putting every project  
onto a different space or virtual desktop, that all parts of the  
project are kept together. This sorting could also be solved  
differently by creating stacks. The tabs are a simulation of this and  
they also let you skim (or browse) through the documents. This  
organisation would allow to stay all the time on the same desktop, in  
the same space. This could also help to hold together windows which  
sometimes seem to disappear (you can't find them on the desktop, they  
don't appear in the windows menu). Tabs could also be helpful with a  
TeXShop behaviour that I don't appreciate: TeXShop loses focus when a  
TeXShop window is closed.

And tabs are no must: in neither Safari nor Camino nor Firefox one  
has to use them. They can be used individually in any window one  



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