[OS X TeX] TeXShop Feature Request

cfrees at imapmail.org cfrees at imapmail.org
Sun Mar 8 00:29:21 CET 2009

Re.: tabs vs. windows

I'm using TeXShop on a 12" screen. I've never used it regularly on
anything bigger than a 15".

At first, I was inclined to agree with those who said they'd never use
tabs (or never use tabs for source & preview) and I certainly know
there are times when I want these separate - even though they *always*
overlap on my screen.

However, I'm not so sure now. I find it hard to think through whether
I'd prefer tabs or not. I've got so used to tabs in other contexts
(Firefox and screen, mostly) and I can imagine finding them useful. I
often have windows that "disappear" from TeXShop. They are still there
but invisible. They have focus but are nowhere to be seen. The more
windows I have, the more likely this is. Moreover, I often have a *lot*
of windows open and just keeping track of them can be difficult. With
tabs I always know where things are. I'm only ever *one* click or *one*
shortcut away. With windows, it can take me a lot more than one click
or one shortcut to find what I want.

So I'm in favour of choice although it would be nowhere near as high on
my priority list as some other features, such as better syntax
colouring, for example.

- cfr

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