[OS X TeX] Wrong latex getting used.

Luis Vitorio Cargnini lvcargnini at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 23:35:55 CET 2009

Le 09-03-03 à 16:53, Gerrit Glabbart a écrit :

> Am 03.03.2009 um 20:28 schrieb Rolf Turner:
>> 	I found Prof. Schulz's reply facile and patronizing, and of
>> 	no help whatever.
> Well, we all make mistakes, but Herb Schulz's batting average is  
> *way* above the norm.
>> 	I took a great deal of trouble to compose a complete and
>> 	clear explanation of my problem.  Getting Schulz's response
>> 	was a bit like asking a question about stochastic differential
>> 	equations and getting in response a lesson in elementary
>> 	arithmetic.
> I don't have your original message to check, but if Herb  
> misunderstood you, you ought to at least consider that it was not as  
> complete and clear as you wanted it to be. Herb is one of the most  
> consistently helpful and patient people on this list; considering he  
> took the time to answer your query at all, albeit not to your  
> liking, do you really think calling his response "facile and  
> patronizing" is an appropriate reaction?
> Not that it's my place to defend Herb's honor or anything, but the  
> tone of your email rubbed me the wrong way, and seemed out of place  
> on this usually extraordinarily civil mailing list.
> Best,
> Gerrit.

well drastic problems requires drastic solutions !


step 1:
rm -rf /sw

step 2:
uninstall Mactex

step 3:
reboot (just to ensure that everything keep working)

step 4:
re-install MacTex

step 5:
re-install all the applications of fink that you use except Latex or  
texlive or anything related to LaTeX.

suggestion: change to macports/darwinports

Bonne Chance.

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