[OS X TeX] Wrong latex getting used.

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Tue Mar 3 04:28:11 CET 2009

On Mar 2, 2009, at 6:49 PM, Rolf Turner wrote:

>>> There is a /usr/texbin that appears automagically in my path,
>>> and this seems to point at the right thing.  I tried setting
>>> my path explicitly in my .cshrc file, putting /usr/texbin ahead
>>> of /sw/bin.  But blow me down, when I echo my path afterwards,
>>> /sw/bin and /sw/sbin are always the first two entries in the
>>> path, no matter what I tell it.  (I *hate* it when computers refuse
>>> to do what you tell them!)  And the wrong latex still gets
>>> used.

Why not uninstall the fink provided latex?  When I used fink (some  
years ago) it used to provide a placeholder to satisfy dependencies  
when you had a different TeX installed.

>>> How can I get the /sw/bin/latex out of the way?  Does anyone out  
>>> there
>>> understand Mac OSX enough to help me?

This depends on how fink sets up the path; ISTR setting up my .profile  
as described here: http://www.finkproject.org/doc/users-guide/install.php 
  so presumably you did the same thing at some point.  You could just  
prepend /usr/texbin to the path after sourcing fink's path scripts,  
although I personally avoid putting non-system paths first.  MacTeX  
uses /etc/paths.d on Leopard, and evidently path_helper(8) is run too  


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