[OS X TeX] Verbose log files

James A. Mingo mingo at mast.queensu.ca
Sun Mar 1 23:34:22 CET 2009

I am using texlive 2007 with TeXShop and I get very detailed
reporting of what pdfTeX is up to:

a long list of hyphenation patterns e.g.
slovenian, uppersorbian, ...

a list of style files loaded, e.g.

a list of all the fonts used e.g.

Is there some way to shut these off, i.e. a quite mode?
I tried adding --quiet to box for pdfTeX in the "Engine" tab
of TeXShop but it didn't suppress the entries I mentioned

I can see when one is installing new hyphenation patterns,
or style files, or fonts this is an important debugging
tool. However for everyday use it makes it difficult to see
the entries one wants e.g.

Overfull \hbox (10.0528pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 323--328

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Jamie Mingo

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