[OS X TeX] [OT] Mactex for Windows?

Young Wook Kim CARTAN at hitel.net
Wed Feb 25 03:34:51 CET 2009

Daniel Becker :
> Hallo -
> In Short: I would like to have something similar like mactex. And I 
> would be happy if the install is as easy as with MacTeX.
> Longer:
> A friend of mine is asking me to help him install TeX&Co on a Windows 
> machine. I would like to have him using
> * TeXLive2008 and to have an
> * easy-to-work-with Editor + Previewer combination with the default 
> mode being pdflatex and pdf as an output.
> * Back- and forward synchronisation should be possible.
> It would be great if all this would be enabled by default.

Those using Korean TeX use TeXLive 2008 + KTUG(Korean TUG) Collection 
2008 for Korean. They are packaged into one big installation file and 
can be downloaded from the following site . (Sadly the site is written 
in Korean only. It is solely for those who needs to typeset  Korean and 
therefore who can read Korean.) But you may use it as an alternative to 
MikTeX+WinEdt system as it is a system that comes with everything and 
uses TeXLive. As is for MacTeX this system is also maintained by tlmgr 
in Windows. They are widely used in WinXP and seems to have been tested 
on Vista with success. I am using KTUGCollection on MacTeX.

KTUGWiki: http://faq.ktug.or.kr/faq/
Install file: http://faq.ktug.or.kr/faq/KTUGCollection2008#s-2.2.1 (look 
for the file named KC2008-INSTALL-TL-0.3.0-F.exe which installs all in 
one step. Says need 2.5GB space in your HDD.)
SetupHelpBBS: http://www.ktug.or.kr/

The system consists of

Full and original version of TeXLive 2008 +
Files needed for typesetting Korean (+Chinese and a littlebit of 
Japanese; these are mainly fonts and macros) +
Default Editor(Notepad++) +
Viewer(SumatraPDF) +
KCmenu(MTeXHelper-in-EmEditor-like menu system which can be used widely 
with many editors with TeXLive 2008, This is specially setup with 
Notepad++ so that one can just hit function keys in NP++ and it compiles 
etc) +
the whole system (TeXlive and the Korean part) is updated by two 
pushbuttons in KCmenu +
Also the Korean TeX update can be downloaded as an exe file if you need 

And you can change it easily through latex, pdflatex, latex+dvips, 
latex+dvipdfmx, etc and it has a commander line wihch keeps? the history 
and also accept some variables.

This combination was carefully chosen by the KTUG personnels so that it 
meets their standards (free software, Pdf sync, ease of use and all the 
necessary functions).

But you may also install EmEditor or many other editors and use the 
popup window of KCmenu buttons which is also very convenient.

Young Kim

> Would be happy about any hints to up-to-date tutorials etc.
> Thanks!
> Daniel
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