[OS X TeX] citep and citet did not work in MacOSX-TeXShop

David Watson dewatson at me.com
Sun Feb 22 00:15:32 CET 2009

On Feb 21, 2009, at 12:35 PM, Kuo-Hsien Chang wrote:

> <snip>
> \bibliographystyle{natbib}

Upon further inspection, it appears that you have a natbib package  
that predates v6.0, which you could have found on your own if you had  
read the documentation or googled "natbib.bst".
You are very welcome. I'll send you a bill soon.

   V6.0  New method for parsing the author and year parts, which is  
now done
         before writing the information to the auxiliary file. This  
         numerical citations to be used even with author-year bst files.
         (Numerical bst files can NEVER generate author-year citations!)
         Now provide replacements for standard BibTeX bst files so that
         they may be used for both numerical and author-year.

         Note: the bib style file provided in previous releases  
         is no longer provided, since it only meant to be an example.  
It is now
         replaced by plainnat.bst and others.

         Citation styles (punctuation, brackets, etc) can be selected in
         various ways: an improved priority system has now been  
         For example, any punctuation selection through an option to
         \usepackage has priority over any prestored citation style.

         \bibpunct can now take a 7th optional argument (at the start of
         the list) for the punctuation that comes before a post-note.

         It is possible to have all citations and entries in the list of
         references automatically entered in an index, either with the  
         makeidx package or the contributed index package of David M.  

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