[OS X TeX] Adding menu item and shortcut to TeXShop

Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Mon Feb 16 00:04:49 CET 2009

El 15/02/2009, a las 18:14, Alan Munn escribió:

> I think Kirk's point is that Cmd-T doesn't behave as expected: If  
> you have just run bibtex, using Cmd-Shift-B then Cmd-T re-runs  
> bibtex rather than recompiling the document,

Yes. I commented on this undesirable behaviour some weeks ago (perhaps  
months?) but I probably didn't express myself well and mixed several  
issues, and the result was rather disappointing.

> since Cmd-T's behaviour is to "run the currently selected  
> engine" (or so it seems).

Well, it runs the "currently selected item in the menu", but this may  
not be an "engine" but another tool such as BibTeX or MakeIndex or...  
My point was that the "TeX formats" in the menu should be choices that  
stick, rather than executions, so that they keep selected while other  
tools (not TeX varieties) are used. But since there are other methods  
to do the same things, most people don't worry about this.

The organization of the Toolbar is clearer in this respect (at least,  
you see it all the time): There is a single "Typeset" button, and a  
separate "Program" menu, where you choose what the button will run.  
Curiously, this menu shows the additional engines you create. These  
will however not appear in the Typeset menu in TeXShop's menu bar. Odd.

My main point was that "typeset" in TeX world means running some  
variety/format of TeX, and that we can extend this meaning to running  
some of the combined engines that do several things in sequence, but  
to me running BibTeX or MakeIndex is not associated with "Typeset";  
e.g., one usually says "typeset with LaTeX, then run BibTeX, and then  
typeset twice again."


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