[OS X TeX] Adding menu item and shortcut to TeXShop

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Sun Feb 15 17:58:59 CET 2009

On Feb 15, 2009, at 10:26 AM, Alan Munn wrote:

> At 11:03 AM -0500 2/15/09, Kirk Lowery wrote:
>> On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 10:57 AM, Jonathan Kew <jonathan at jfkew.plus.com 
>> > wrote:
>> > I don't know of an easy way to achieve this, but do you really  
>> need it? If
>>> you use a suitable "%%!TEX TS-program = xelatex" line in your  
>>> source, to
>>> ensure that this engine is used, then you can simply use the Typeset
>>> shortcut. I wouldn't have thought there are many situations where  
>>> you'd want
>>> to be continually switching back and forth between using xelatex  
>>> and another
>>> engine, so using the TeXShop comment to choose the engine is  
>>> usually the
>>> simplest and most reliable approach.
>>> JK
>> Well, when I have a document with bibtex or biblatex citations, I  
>> have
>> to run bibtex a lot. The key shortcut is nice, cmd-shift-B. But  
>> then I
>> have to move from the keyboard to the mouse or touchpad to click on
>> the dropdown box, select XeLaTeX, and then either click "Typeset" or
>> cmd-t. I write documents with lots of citations, so it would speed
>> matters up and allow my hands to remain on the keyboard.
>> Well, this is the situation I was afraid was the case. Okay, feature
>> request! ;-)
> Actually you don't need to use Command-Shift-T  I regularly use both  
> XeLaTeX, LaTeX, and pdfLaTeX, and I only use one command (Command- 
> Shift-L) to compile my documents.
> (I've actually never understood the use of the Command-Shift-T,  
> since it behaves as you say: if the last engine you used was bibtex,  
> then command-shift-T repeats the bibtex command.)
> By putting the correct engine comment line (%%!TEX TS-program =  
> xelatex (or latex)) you can always use Command-Shift-L to compile  
> your documents, and the correct engine is chosen automatically.
> So no matter what engine I use, my key sequence for latex-bibtex- 
> latex is the same:  Command-shift-L, then command-shift-B, then  
> command-shift-L etc.  No mousing required.
> (Or if you use Herb's {xe,pdf}latexmk engine, it does all that for  
> you.)
> Alan


Do you mean Cmd-T or Shift-Cmd-T? If you use the engine line just use  

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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