[OS X TeX] Open related... macro

Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Sat Feb 14 12:11:45 CET 2009

El 13/02/2009, a las 21:14, Herbert Schulz escribió:

> Are you using OS X 10.5.x (Leopard)? Something with Applescript  
> changed in Leopard and the macro has to be rewritten to bypass the  
> problem. At some point Dick Koch figured out how to fix another  
> macro, written by Will Robertson, that I use quite often to clean up  
> files. Here's the version that works, hopefully you'll be able to  
> adapt it to fix the Open Quickly... macro:

Many thanks! Anyway, it seems the macro you sent does quite a  
different thing (trashing files), and it's beyond my knowledge to  
understand how to adapt it for the Open related... macro.

Yes, I am using 10.5.6, and the latest TeXShop. Now I have done some  
more extensive testing (but only with the extensions for which I have  
files). The conclusion: The script works perfectly well  
with .tex, .sty, .pdf, .log and .aux. It does not work at all  
with .bbl, .blg, .toc, .snm, .out, .thm, .pdfsync. If used with any of  
these *alone* in the script text, one gets the Applescript error I  
mentioned in my first message. I made sure all these file types are  
instructed in the Finder to be opened by TeXShop, just in case.



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