[OS X TeX] Re: the console in TeXShop 2.20

epicurus at forallx.net epicurus at forallx.net
Wed Feb 4 22:25:50 CET 2009

> > A little testing revealed a new piece of information: the lack of 
> > stickiness seems to only happen when using an external editor.  If I 
> > use the built-in editor, it seems to stick.  But I want to use an 
> > external editor. :)
> Aha.
> You'll find a new version of TeXShop at 
> www.uoregon.edu/~koch/texshop/texshop-2.21.zip 
> This version does not show up in Sparkle because I haven't yet fixed a 
> number of small bugs that people on this list have pointed out. I'll 
> I'll announce 2.21 when all the fixes are present. In the meantime, 
> epicurus can test this one.
> Dick Koch

Indeed, 2.21 seems to fix the problem I noticed.

That said, while testing it I made an observation: the text in the console window, no matter how I resize the console horizontally or vertically, always breaks at a certain number of characters (I didn't bother to count).  I had never noticed this before.  Is it normal?  All else equal I'd like to be able to eliminate this hard break, or at least increase the number of characters at which it occurs.

- Epicurus

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