[OS X TeX] Re: the console in TeXShop 2.20

Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Tue Feb 3 20:19:03 CET 2009

El 03/02/2009, a las 04:01, Richard Koch escribió:

> I haven't yet fixed a number of small bugs that people on this list  
> have pointed out. I'll announce 2.21 when all the fixes are present.

Two points concerning the console:

1) If I have the console window in front of the typeset window, and in  
the source window I command-click some character, the typeset window  
jumps to the specified location (well, to the page where it is; the  
precise location appears circled in red, but may not appear inside the  
window), BUT the console window remains in front of it! I don't know  
whether this is a bug, anyway I find this strange.

For what it's worth: In TeXShop's Preferences the sync method is  
"SyncTeX", I have the console set to "Show only when errors occur",  
and after typsetting "continue editing"; but if I change these  
settings the problem persists.

Update: I have just noticed that the same happens when it is the  
source window that is in front of the typeset window. Simply, in bot  
cases, after syncing the typeset window does not jump to the front.  
The reverse synchronization (from typeset to source) works as expected.

2) It seems the console text is not searchable. This would be a great  
addition. An example: after a long job with many lines of log in the  
console, LaTeX ends with a Warning: There were multiply defined  
labels. If I can search for the word "label" in the console, I will  
quickly spot which labels are these. Otherwise I have to scroll over  
the whole console and visually look for it...

Anyway, Dick, let me thank you for such a great program! You make life  
of hundreds of people easier!


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