[OS X TeX] Re: the console in TeXShop 2.20

epicurus at forallx.net epicurus at forallx.net
Tue Feb 3 01:35:38 CET 2009

>> Hello all, 
>> I like that in TeXShop 2.20 we should have the ability to set the
>> font and color of the console window.                            
>> However, I've noticed that when I tell it to be, say, Monaco 9pt,
>> the console will switch to that font, but the change in font does
>> not survive a quitting of TeXShop, nor does it survive a complete
>> closing of whatever document I was working on.                   
>>What does survive is that TeXShop *thinks* the font of the console should be Monaco 9pt---that's what it says in the preferences window.  But alas, it's in reality displaying in what appears to be Arial or something similar (Helvetica?).
>>This behavior happens on three different setups: Leopard, Tiger on Intel, and Tiger on PPC.
>>Moreover, the exact same thing is true of the background color of the console window.  It will not stick.
>>Has anyone else noticed this?

>The new preference choice happens immediately in windows that are  
>already open, but you must push the OK button to make them stick and     
>survive restarting TeXShop.
>Dick Koch 

I did push OK from the get go, and never failed to push it.  It never sticks.

A little testing revealed a new piece of information: the lack of stickiness seems to only happen when using an external editor.  If I use the built-in editor, it seems to stick.  But I want to use an external editor. :)


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