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Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Thu Dec 31 22:49:10 CET 2009

On Dec 31, 2009, at 1:00 PM, Per Ting wrote:

> Herb,
> Thanks for your help. Now everything works fine except the sync which is sometimes OK and sometimes off. I could not find Open Selection macro and would appreciate if you would send it to me. Some more questions (for one who has immigrated from Winedt+Miktex)


Here it is: 

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Just unzip the file, open up the Macro Editor in TeXShop and use the Macros->Add macros from file... to read the plist file in. I have it set up to use Cmd-Opt-O as the keyboard shortcut. Select the file name in the \input, etc., execute the macro and the file will be found anywhere along the standard TeX Live search path.

> 1-I had set up winedt such that double clicking on a an .eps  or .pdf graphics file in the latex source would open it in ghostview or pdf viewer, is this possible in texshop?

That should happen by default. I believe both will open in Preview and the eps will be converted to pdf on the fly.

> 2-How can I view a list of my labels, refs, cites, etc? In winedt there is a Gather window that allows access to all these. I tried "tag" in texshop but it does not contain anything (I am opening it from the root file of a 700 book with many cites and labels).

TeXShop doesn't have this. It would be a nice feature.

> 4-Is tab viewing possible in texshop? That is, clicking on tabs to view different source files rather than minimizing each window.

No tabs.

> 5-Is is possible to view a project tree in a window?

or trees.

> 6-How can I start Bibdesk from texshop so that it automatically loads the bibliography file(s) in the source file. How can I import \cite from Bibdesk to texshop? Is it possible to set texshop is such a way that when I type \cite{} it starts bibdesk, loads the right bib file and clicking on the selected entry in bibdes fills the bracket in the \cite command? Is a similar action with jabref possible?

You can get BibDesk to open one pre-selected file when it opens (See BibDesk->Preferences->General->Application Launch and set it to Open file... . Then write \cite{ with a the beginning of the citation you want to enter and finally F5 and BibDesk will open that file and search for citations that match.

There may be a macro to do this for multiple bib files in your document but I don't have it. It shouldn't be too difficult to write.

> 7-In winedt it is possible to select part of the latex source file and process just the selected part and view the pdf (or dvi, or ps) file. The program generates a temp file, imports the preamble from the root file, adds the selection and processes the resulting temp file and opens the pdf file. This is very handy in many cases. Is such a thing possible in texshop?
> Thanks again for your help!

Sorry again... TeXShop doesn't do fragments.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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