[OS X TeX] cmr8 not in mapping file

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Dec 31 18:21:18 CET 2009

Am 31.12.2009 um 05:55 schrieb David Arnold:

> dvips: Font cmr8 used in file Untitled.1 is not in the mapping file.
> dvips: Font cmr10 used in file Untitled.1 is not in the mapping file.

There are two MAP file fragments which prepare the original Computer  
Modern fonts (cm.map) or their Latin Modern successors (lm.map) for  
use in dvips and other convertors. You can check whether any of them  
is enabled by running on the command line:

	updmap --listmaps | egrep -w '[cl]m.map'
	updmap-sys --listmaps | egrep -w '[cl]m.map'

The enabled MAP file fragment should be lm.map. (And both commands  
should return the same name.) If this name is not returned, then run:

	updmap-sys --listavailablemaps | egrep -w '[cl]m.map'

If this name is not returned you can try to repair:

	sudo texhash
	sudo updmap-sys --syncwithtrees

and now check again. If it's now listed you can enable it in two steps:

	sudo updmap-sys --disable lm.map
	sudo updmap-sys --enable Map=lm.map

Removing your invisible ~/.texlive2009 directory tree is a necessary  

If it still fails: get another computer! A new disk alone might  
already help, switching off Time Machine... My imagination is leaving  
me, I think.



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