[OS X TeX] some questions on Texshop

Per Ting perting at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 08:05:13 CET 2009

I have recently started using Texshop (2.29 with TL09). I am working on a book with many chapters used with \input on the root file. I have the following problems/questions.

1-I use .eps, psfrag, and pstricks in my file. The preferred method should be using dvi-ps-pdf path. I have followed the instructions for using latexmk (and pst-pdfmk), copied the necessary files into the ~/Library/Texshop/bin and adde % !TEX TS-program=latexmk to my root file, but typesetting does not invoke bibtex and makeindex and goes staring to generate p.s. and pdf file. I expect first dvi file be generated then bibtex bad makeindex be run, then another round of latex and finally dvips and pstopdf. Another indication of a problem is that although after moving the files I have closed and reopened teashop, latexmk and pst-pdfmk are not in the drop down menu of the source file.

2-When I run latex and bibtex and makeindex and latex again manually I get the the desired result but sync between source and pdf does not work precisely. Direct sync (from source to pdf) works OK but inverse sync is off by a couple of paragraphs or even more. Interestingly enough, if I run the sequence in Texworks and then load the source into texshp, sync works alright! Also if instead of dvi-ps-pdf path I use pdflatex and include auto-pst-pdf, sync works OK.

3-How can I open the \inputted chapters from the root source file? On a PC with winedt I double clicked on the word \input and it opened the file in a tab. In texshop it seems that I have to use file>open... which is not as convenient and then it opens the file in a new window not in a new tab. Is there a way to change this?

4-To be able to use sync (or simply to run latex) from within a chapter that has been used in the root file by \input I have to set the root file for that chapter using file>set project root. This is also inconvenient since has to be done for each chapter. Is there a way to set the root file globally for a project?


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