[OS X TeX] problem with natbib in spanish

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Sat Dec 26 01:18:06 CET 2009

Thanks Josep Maria!!,

It was hard but it works!!

Salutacions des de la UAB!!.

2009/12/25 Josep Maria Font <jmfont at ub.edu>

> El dia 25/12/2009, a les 13:24, Sr Sur va escriure:
>  I am a new user of Latex. I have installed Mac TeX with the Tex Live '08
>> version. I'm writing my PhD thesis in spanish and I have problems with
>> natbib package. when I \cite a reference with two authors the output is
>> "Freeman and Bermudez (year)" but the correct way in spanish would be
>> "Freeman y Bermudez (year)". How can I put the "spanish y" instead "and"???
> The problem is not with the natbib package, but with BibTeX, the
> bibliography-generating program. The BibTeX style files corresponding to the
> style you want to use have such particles as "and", "of", "In", "edition",
> etc. hard-wired, so I think the only solution is to manually edit them. Here
> is what you should do:
> 1) Locate the style file with suffix .bst corresponding to the bibliography
> style you are using (plainnat.bst for plain, unsrtnat.bst or abbrvnat.bast
> ofr other styles). Duplicate it, change its name to "myplainnat.bst" or the
> like, and store it in your ~/Library/texmf/bibtex/bst folder (create it if
> necesssary).
> 2) Edit the new file, with TeXShop itself or another plain text editor.
> Locate all occurrences of the strings you want changed and replace them with
> the corresponding Spanish ones (y, de, En, edición, etc.). Keep a record of
> the changes by inserting comments with %. If you are new to LaTeX then you
> will find the syntax of the bst files very strange, but if you are a
> programer you will understand it quickly (it uses reverse Polish notation).
> The LaTeX Companion might help you here; however, it is not necessary to
> *understand* how it works just to change these words. Keep attention to all
> " quoting text strings.
> 3) In your document, put \bibliographystyle{myplainnat} or whatever new
> style you have created, instead of the standard one. Do not change the
> \usepackage{natbib} nor its options, nor the \bibliography{data_bases}.
> At least this is what I did (adding then a lot of other cosmetic changes,
> once I understood the whole process) and it worked without problems.
> I hope the above is correct. Perhaps other, more knowledgeable users may
> correct me.
> Hope this helps. natbib is a great package, and with these modifications I
> got a terrific formatting of my citations in Catalan.
> Best,
> JMaF
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