[OS X TeX] Rotated figure with subfigures?

Nathan Paxton napaxton at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 15 05:11:47 CET 2009

	Hi all,

	I'm still working away at some formatting issues, so this is my second question of the day.

	I have a figure that I want to include in the text of my book. The figure is actually made up of four subfigures. I have been using the subfig package to produce the 2x2 of figures with captions. Because of the extra room available, I want to rotate the master figure (composed of the subfigs) to landscape mode.

	There seem to be two ways to do this, each of which has problems. The rotating package would allow the {sidewaysfigure} environment, but that doesn't seem to like the subfig package (the subfigs stop acting like subfigs, and are put in the sidewaysfigure environment without theInternational Relations subcaptions and such formatting properly). The pdflscape package turns everything nicely, but it puts a rather ugly break in the text, since it forces a new page exactly wherever one places the figure; that is, the text in my cas stops one third of the way down the page, leaving white space, and then it prints the figure of subfigures.

	What I really want is have behavior almost like that the pdflscape/lscape package provides, but with the nice flow and formatting of text for which LaTeX is known. Can anyone suggest a way to do this?

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