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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Dec 14 10:40:04 CET 2009

Am 14.12.2009 um 03:07 schrieb Alain Schremmer:

> I read somewhere that they were getting ready to time the 100 meter  
> dash in tenths of milliseconds.

Interesting! What will the sprinters then wear? Because, 100 m in  
around 10 sec means a speed of 10 m/sec. 1 msec resolution in time  
corresponds to a spatial resolution of 1 cm (10 mm). Raising the  
resolution by one order means that 1 mm will make the difference. Will  
it be allowed to wear a thick sweat-shirt or some jewelry? Silicone is  
out, but some salt solution applied with a syringe, natural hormones  
from Bavarian Leberkäs...



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