[OS X TeX] BibDesk 1.4 released

Adam M. Goldstein z_californianus-dated-1261007290.932392 at shiftingbalance.org
Sat Dec 12 00:48:07 CET 2009

Greetings all

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk 1.4 has now been released. You can download the new version from within BibDesk itself using BibDesk > Check for updates; and if you start an older version of BibDesk, a dialog box will appear, offering the option to upgrade. 

You can also upgrade by pointing your browser to the following address:


This will cause the download to begin immediately.

Or, you can visit the BibDesk home page at


to upgrade manually, or to learn more about BibDesk.

(Note that the version number has bumped up from the 1.3.x sequence to the 1.4.x sequence, in keeping with the BibDesk policy of increasing from x.x to x.x+1 when a new Mac OS version is released---in this case, Snow Leopard.)

For those who are interested, here are the release notes for version 1.4:

BibDesk Release Notes

Changes since 1.3.22

NOTE:  Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) is no longer supported as of 1.4

New Features
	• General improvements for 10.5 and later
	• Skim notes are now indexed for filtering in the background, which can improve opening a file
	• New web group parser for IEEE Xplore
	• Allow arbitrary letter characters in generated URLs
	• Use standard status bar and divider styles and animate them
	• Allow hiding the status bar in the detail editor
	• New menu items to toggle the groups and the sidebar
	• You can now duplicate groups
	• Show overflow item in search bar if needed
Bugs Fixed
	• Fix a potential bug when running shell tasks
	• Fix AppleScript sort command for special fields
	• Properly resize images on Snow Leopard
	• Coerce scripting properties passed in with "make" command
	• More subdued warnings when external groups fail to load
	• Include custom publication type in detail editor popup
	• Only sort by import order when switching to a search or web group
	• Safer calling of script hooks, fixes potential tcrasher and inconsistent state
	• Fix some saving issues when saving needs permission
	• Compare all fields for item equivalence when we don't know the type
	• Allow volume and boooktitle fields as group fields
	• Avoid a race condition in shell script execution
	• Fix attaching file import sheet
	• Avoid showing more than one warning sheet when opening a file
	• Fix small toolbar items

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