[OS X TeX] 64-bit binaries in TeXLive 2010

cfrees at imapmail.org cfrees at imapmail.org
Fri Dec 4 01:01:11 CET 2009

> This is a realistic view and those who are still using a PPC let me advice, if you ever had tried a new IntelMac you wouldn't want to switch back to your PPC.

I do not intend to give up my PowerBook for some time if I can possibly
avoid doing so. The tendency to see expensive electronics as "outdated"
and "no longer worth supporting" after shorter and shorter periods of
time seems to me deeply problematic. By "expensive" I mean not just in
terms of financial cost or even user and/or administrator time and
effort, but also in terms of environmental impact and resource usage.

It irks me that I have a perfectly serviceable system which Apple no
longer thinks it worthwhile to release security updates for. So I don't
mean to pick on anybody here particularly.

I'm sure TL 2009 is "good enough" for TeXing in many ways. It will save
a lot of people a lot of time and effort once they realise TL 2010 is
unnecessary. Or is the idea that it is only "good enough" for those
unwilling or unable to move to Intel?

- cfr

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