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George Gratzer gratzer at me.com
Sat Apr 18 23:19:47 CEST 2009


This is clear now, thanks. BUT LaTeX writes the 2.5 of Theorem 2.5 in  
the aux file, I do not do anything to accomplish this. Could we not  
redefine \enumi to contain the section number?


On 18-Apr-09, at 3:45 PM, Michael Sharpe wrote:

> On Apr 18, 2009, at 12:48 PM, George Gratzer wrote:
>> Michael,
>> What is odd that exercises are numbered with the section number, as  
>> 1.1, 1.2, etc. Normally, what is displayed is what is stored. Not  
>> in this  case, of Exercise 1.2 \ref only remembers 2.
>> In Section 4, everything is consecutively numbered: Corollary 4.6,  
>> Theorem 4.7, etc., so that they be easily found. A typical section  
>> has 30-40 exercises; it would look funny to have them numbered  
>> along with everything else.
>> I do not understand how the Exercises are properly numbered. How do  
>> they know the section number? How is it lost with \ref?
> George,
> The way the section number gets into the exercise label is through  
> the line
> \renewcommand{\labelenumi}{\ifx\exerstar\empty\else*\fi\thesection. 
> \theenumi.}
> in the definition of the exercises environment. The segment '\ifx 
> \exerstar\empty\else*\fi' places a star, if called for,  
> '\thesection' places the section number, and '\theenumi' places the  
> value of the counter \enumi which keeps track of the number of the  
> item in the current enumerate list. The LaTeX code for \label  
> doesn't know about what is written to \labelenumi---it just writes  
> the value in \enumi (as well as the current page number) to the .aux  
> file.
> Best,
> Michael
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