[OS X TeX] TeXShop---don't raise preview when using external editor

Adam M. Goldstein a.m.goldstein at mac.com
Sat Apr 18 04:38:17 CEST 2009

On Apr 17, 2009, at 5:45 AM, Maarten Sneep wrote:

> Adam M. Goldstein schreef:
>> I use an external editor and use TS for my viewer. I use the
>> typesetting commands in the external editor (Emacs.app). Focus shifts
>> to TS, but I would usually like to keep focus on the editor. I have
>> the typesetting preferences set to "after typesetting--continue
>> editing." It looks like this only really works when using the TS
>> editor (I mean, keeps focus on the editor). Is there any way I can
>> prevent the TS preview from getting the focus/getting raised?
> I use Skim as a previewer, and it exhibits the behaviour you want.  
> If the
> preview is hidden behind other windows, it will come to a level just
> behind your editing window, but other than that you can continue  
> editing.
> Is there a specific reason to use TeXShop as a previewer?

TS is simpler; all I do is use it for viewing the results of LaTeX  
runs. I use Skim for everything else having to do with PDF's,  
especially reading with the reading bar, commenting, etc. It's partly  
because I am confused about how to use Spaces correctly. I have Skim  
in its own space, taking up the full screen, and that's where the  
PDF's being read, annotated, or used in slide shows are. Then I have  
the editor window and TS open next to another in another space. I  
haven't figured out a really good way of having windows from one  
application open in multiple spaces without generating weird behavior  
(don't ask me what they are just now, but I know strange things happen  
when switching among windows).

Also, Adam Maxwell scared me into thinking that Skim's automatic  
update might cause problems . . . it's not clear that TS doesn't have  
the same kind of design flaw when using external editors, though.  
Granted, I've never had a problem with either app's automatic update.

There is one other reason, I am embarrassed to say, which is purely  
sentimental. I wrote my dissertation using TS and I miss seeing the  
icon there in the dock and the familiar interface. Since moving to  
Emacs.app, I will probably never go back to the TS editor, though.

Maybe this is more than anyone wanted to know, but there it is.


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