[OS X TeX] Exercises

George Gratzer gratzer at me.com
Fri Apr 10 18:56:33 CEST 2009

In my new book, I have exercises at the end of each section. I use the  
xcb environment from amsbook.cls:

   \setcounter{enumii}{4}% letter d
   \@startsection{section}% counter name; ignored because of the
                                 % * below
   {1}% sectioning level
   {\z@}% indent to the left of the section title
   {18\p@\@plus2\p@}% vertical space above
   {1sp}% Space below of 13pt base-to-base, so none needs to be added
       % here; but \z@ would cause the following text to be run-in, so  
       % use 1sp instead.
   {\bfseries}% The font of the subsection title
   *% always unnumbered

modified as follows:


and then




works well.

Problem: I want the difficult exercises marked with a *:


How could I do that? How do I modify one number, without effecting the  


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