[OS X TeX] BibTeX-Problem on Mac: couldn't open style file/ couldn't open database file

Matthias Geissbuehler matthias.geissbuehler at epfl.ch
Thu Oct 30 00:15:34 CET 2008

Hey Pete,

Thanks for your quick reply!
> Does BibTeX work on the command line, i.e., run without errors?
Nope: It produces the exactly same error messages as posted before...

> Does the command "kpsewhich unsrt.bst" work on the command line,
> i.e., return the path name of the file?
didn't know that command: it does not return anything (neither error  
nor path name - however it ).

> The files listb.bib and mybib.bib are not part TeX Live – where are
> they installed?
Sorry this was probably not clear in my first post: they belong to the  
simple example that I found somewhere on the web (I discovered my  
problem first with my own document, but then I tried to find a more  
simple example to rule out other possible sources for problems: so I  
just found this demo as a first hit in google...).
So once again: the simple example is from:

with the three files:

I have them all inside a folder:

> What is the command "which bibtex" on the command line returning?

Thanks for any additional help!


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