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Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Thu Oct 23 11:07:40 CEST 2008

El 22/10/2008, a las 18:14, Salvatore Enrico Indiogine escribió:

> Another question: is it possible to have a subtitle and affiliation
> appear when I use \maketitle?

\author and \title admit several lines (break with \\, or with \\[1ex]  
or whatever) and an optional argument for the toc and heads. So for  

\title[My Important Title]{My Important Title\\[1ex] and a less  
important but informative subtitle}

\author[Myself]{Myself\\[1ex] University of Bla-blah-blah\\ City,  
Country\\[1ex] \texttt{abc at xyz.com}}

allow you to format the "maketitle" information and retain the basic  
elements for the running heads and table of contents. Additionally,  
there is the \date command. If you leave it out, the typesetting date  
will appear. You can add more information, for instance

\date{Second version, \today}

This changes the date every time the document is typeset. You can fix  
it with \date{23 October 2008}, or suppress it with \date{}. You can  
also use the \date command to insert whatever information you like:


If you are using the bare document class "article", I think all these  
will not conflict with other points in the style.

However, perhaps you would like to have a look at the "amsart" style,  
which incorporates many niceties like those you are asking for (an  
\address command, etc.) and more. I recommend George Grätzer's "Short  
Course" available from TeXShop's Help menu, and then going on with the  
whole book "More Math into LaTeX".

Hope this helps,


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