[OS X TeX] tlmgr issues

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Oct 16 18:01:32 CEST 2008

Am 16.10.2008 um 16:59 schrieb Ralph Martin:

> Should not happen, please report: latexmk.universal-darwin  
> mentioned, but neither new nor forcibly removed
> update: rotating (9039 -> 10978) ... done
> update: texlive.infra (10932 -> 10960) ... !!!Error: non-existent  
> texmf/doc/man/man1/tlmgr.1
> !!!Error: non-existent texmf/doc/man/man1/tlmgr.pdf
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/Makefile
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/dviout.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/gui-collections.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/gui-installer.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/gui-lang.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/gui-scheme.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/gui-systems.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/install08text.tex
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/psview.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/talk.tex
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/tlmgr-article.bib
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/tlmgr-article.pdf
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/tlmgr-article.tex
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/tlmgrgui-arch.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/tlmgrgui-install.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/tlmgrgui-options.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/tlmgrgui-remove.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/guit08/tlmgrgui-update.png
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/multi-support.txt
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/repository-setup.txt
> !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/doc/tnc_config.vbs
> running post install action for texlive.infra
> done

This final "done" and and the (not cited) mktexlsr (texhash) updates  
tell that the update went fine. The messages before indicate that the  
Mac OS X package of latexmk does not provide binaries, particularly  
those of the universal-darwin kind – could be someone made a fault  
when creating the package's description, which IMO consists of  
scripts, i.e., is not restricted or bound to some application  

The big number of "non-existent" errors should make you happy: you  
received some additional amount of documentation that was not there  
on disk before!

Actually tlmgr really should report this as success, 'though it might  
be caused by a design flaw: how to indicate that something is added  
during an update to an existing package? Could be the description  
only contains the target situation and tlmgr assumes by default that  
these files and directories (only) get updated, while in reality they  
are created. Could be also that it's just another documentation or  
set-up fault for the texlive.infra package ...



Time flies like an error – but fruit flies like a banana!
                              (almost Groucho Marx)

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