[OS X TeX] PDF printing error isolated a little more

David Airey david.airey at vanderbilt.edu
Sun Oct 12 18:57:32 CEST 2008

The PDF I created with MacTeX 2008, located temporarily here in the  
"bad_pdf" directory:


does not print from Leopard Preview or TeXShop, but it will print from  
Adobe Reader 9 for OS X. However, the rendering is not the same from  
Adobe. The target PDF has figures included from the R package "akima",  
but I think this is immaterial, because the figures will print if  
opened individually from Leopard Preview (i.e. outside of LaTeX), so  
there is some problem with the combination of LaTeX commands used to  
create the PDF with TeXShop and printing the PDF from Preview or  
directly from TeXShop.

The postscript error on the stack is:


The console notes:

10/12/08 11:52:32 AM [0x0-0x67067].com.apple.Preview[690] warning:  
CMapName specified but not defined.

I would appreciate if anyone with up to date Leopard could try to  
print the PDF from Preview to confirm this bug. I will take this file  
down in a week.

Thank you.


Pasted below is the LaTeX to create the file:


%!TEX TS-program = xelatex
%!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode



% 0.5 inch margins on all sides
\usepackage[left=0.5in,top=0.5in,right=0.5in, bottom=0.5in]{geometry}

\pagestyle{empty} % no page numbers


% \title{}
% \author{}
% \date{}
% \maketitle

\section{Preliminary Studies}

%\includegraphics[height = 8 in,clip]{contour.pdf}
%\caption[Short caption for figure 1]{\label{f1} {{\small Put caption  

\begin{minipage}[t]{2.4 in}
\includegraphics[width=2.4 in]{cells_3.pdf}
\caption[Short caption for figure 3]{\label{f1} {{\small Put caption  
\begin{minipage}[t]{2.4 in}
\includegraphics[width=2.4 in]{neurons_3.pdf}
\caption[Short caption for figure 4]{\label{f2} {{\small Put caption  
\begin{minipage}[t]{2.4 in}
\includegraphics[width=2.4 in]{percentage_3.pdf}
\caption[Short caption for figure 4]{\label{f3} {{\small Put caption  


% scraps

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