[OS X TeX] i-Installer Announcements from Gerben Wierda

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Mon Oct 6 04:03:22 CEST 2008


Below are two announcements by Gerben Wierda that appeared on the Ii2- 
announce list. Both are of interest to members of this group:


i-Installer has been updated to version 2.92. One change: support for
OS X version limitations in the i-Package. This enables me to create i-
Packages that will work on 10.5 and up only. It will be pretty likely
that upcoming i-Package updates will be 10.5 and up only as I do not
have 10.4 systems anymore to build and building for 10.4 on 10.5 has
turned out to be a nightmare.

There is also a new i-Package: LZMA. It wIll install only on 10.5 if
you use i-Installer 2.92. i-Installer 2.91 will happily install this
on 10.4 and probably for this i-Package that will work.


I have released a special i-Package for TeX Live, "TeX Live Support:
GW Extras". This i-Package contains GTAMacFonts and TeXDist:

- GTAMacFonts requires the fondu program to work (i-Package
available). It will unpack several Apple System fonts and make them
usable for TeX. After installation, run "texdoc gtamacfonts" on the
command line to get the documentation. These fonts need to be unpacked
on your system for legal reasons, hence they cannot be fully part of a
free TeX distribution. The i-Package installs the (free license)
support files (e.g. style files) and then generates the ttf files from
Apple's fonts and puts them in your texmf-local.

- TeXDist is a way to represent TeX distributions and work with them.
A texdist program is added to work with different distributions from
the command line (texdist --help will give you documentation). It also
installs the Preference Pane from Jérôme Laurens so you can switch TeX
distributions easily.


PS. I am moving to TeX Live 2008 as my default system. This means that
in the future I will probably completely drop any personal TeX
distributions for my own use. I have not decided what to do with the
existing stuff.

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