[OS X TeX] The pdf does not show up

André Bellaïche abellaic at math.jussieu.fr
Thu Nov 27 12:36:53 CET 2008

Le 26 nov. 08 à 16:16, Herbert Schulz a écrit :
> On Nov 26, 2008, at 8:51 AM, André Bellaïche wrote:
>> Le 25 nov. 08 à 23:36, Peter Dyballa a écrit :
>>> Am 25.11.2008 um 22:57 schrieb André Bellaïche:
>>>> Or is it a known bug?
>>> In your TeX file? You are not specific whether the TeX run went  
>>> OK. And you did not try to open any (other) PDF file with TeXShop
>> Typesetting is always OK and produces a good PDF file which can be  
>> opened with Acrobat. I have tried to open various PDF files with  
>> TeXShop, as you and Hernert Schulz have suggested. Some of them,  
>> but not all of them can be opened by dragging the icon of the file  
>> onto the icon of TeXShop. All can be opened from TeXShop pull-down  
>> menu.
>>> One thing has been admitted by Dick Koch maybe two years ago:  
>>> this or that version had a memory hole and it could happen that  
>>> after a long period and many PDF files TeXShop reached some  
>>> limit ...
>> Do you mean that TeXShop keeps in its memory some remainder of  
>> everyone of the PDF files it has processed?
> Howdy,
> In some sense, yes.
>>> A more recent version should not show this bug again.
>> TeXShop Updater says that the version I currently use (Version  
>> 2.10beta8 (210)) is the most recent one, I suppose for Mac OS  
>> 10.4. If I prefer not top update my OS, can this bug be cured by  
>> installing a new 2.10beta8 version of TeXShop?
>>> Greetings
>>>  Pete
>> Thank you,
>> André
> I don't know why it's saying that but TeXShop 2.18 runs under Tiger  
> (10.4) so I'd update. You can get it from <http://www.uoregon.edu/ 
> ~koch/texshop/texshop.html>
> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz

Well, I have installed TeXShop 2.18, put TeXShop 2.10beta8 in the  
trash can, but the problem remains.

A perfect PDF file is produces, but TeXShop does not display it.  
However, it is willing to display it when the icon of the file is  
dragged to TeXShop.

I made another try with a very huge files (991pages, 75 Mb). At the  
opening, TeXShop could find and display the PDF file. I typeset the  
file, and TeXShop displayed the PDF at once. I typeset another time  
some minutes later, and TeXShop did not displayed the PDF file, and  
it did not accept to do it either, when the icon of the file was  
dragged to TeXShop's one in the Dock (TeXShop 2.18 icon, of course).

Remark. I have installed a new TeXShop, but I have kept TeXLive 2007.

What do you think?



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