[OS X TeX] [ANN] refbase-0.9.5 adds direct output to LaTeX .bbl and allows to sync with local BibTeX file

Matthias Steffens mat at extracts.de
Fri Nov 21 22:35:56 CET 2008


please forgive this shameless plug. Since refbase has been mentioned
on this list before, I thought that people might be interested to
hear about the release of refbase-0.9.5 which adds more LaTeX/BibTeX
related features.


refbase is a web-based reference manager that can import & export
BibTeX, and output bibliographies as a LaTeX (.tex) or bibliography
(.bbl) file.


The new release comes with a command line client (written in Perl)
that allows to keep a local BibTeX file in sync with an online
refbase server.


The CLI client can scan a .bib, .tex, .aux or .bbl file for any
contained citations (cite keys), and update a local BibTeX file with
matching records from a refbase server (taking care of any additions
or updates done on the server). The client will append newly found
records to the BibTeX file (if they don't yet exist in that file),
and update existing records in that file if their modification date
on the server is more recent.

For a general overview of the main features of this package, please


(who's one of the refbase devs)
Matthias Steffens     mat at extracts.de

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