[OS X TeX] simpdftex-1, simpdftex, synctex

Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Thu Nov 20 20:56:05 CET 2008

Hi again,

Sorry for having not answered earlier: I've had a trip. I have permitted 
myself to start a fresh thread, by copying relevant quotes from the 
previous one, "latex->dvips->Distiller->Acrobat Professional". I hope 
that my kind apology would be accepted, in advance, if this is not good.

On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Enrico Franconi wrote:

> On 19 Nov 2008, at 01:01, Roussanka Loukanova wrote:
>> I'm now surprised (not nicely) that after a 2nd run of simpdftex (like
>> after a 2nd simpdftex-1), the viewing command C-c C-v also opens a 2nd 
>> window..., as if sporadically.
> This shouldn't happen with simpdftex-1, if you have chosen the "Auto" 
> in Skim.
> Can you confirm this behaviour, and be more specific?

Yes, here are some more details:

I have set up your command in AUCTeX in Carbon Emacs, for your
simpdftex-1 script (which I have been using since you gave it to me).

At first, I run PDFLaTeX with some change in the tex file, to get
prompted and choose the "Auto" option in Skim. After that, simpdftex-1, 
issued in Emacs, draws the edges in the graphs, and updates the pdf file 
in  Skim. Synctex goes with problems, as follows:

Option 1 for AUCTeX's set up of the simpdftex-1
How: Value Menu TeX-run-command
(I do not know what are the values for, but I've tried two that give 
some differences: TeX-run-command and TeX-run-TeX.)

The synctex does not work at all from the pdf file in Skim (despite that I 
have set AUCTeX for synctex latex-ing, by Joseph Slater's suggestion).
C-c C-v, from Emacs, rises Skim's dvi window, at the previously viewed 
page, instead the one corresponding to the Emacs's cursor.

If I put the line "\synctex=1" in the preamble of the tex file, things 
work: updating the pdf and synctex in both directions Emacs <-> Emacs. The 
only hassle is that Emacs does not remember that the preciously run 
command was simpdftex-1, and if I am not on alert, Emacs runs pdflatex (or 

Option 2 for AUCTeX's set up of the simpdftex-1
How: Value Menu TeX-run-TeX
After I have run simpdftex-1 Emacs, remembers it and the following
C-c C-c issues simpdftex-1. But then, the synctex is more problematic. If 
you want, I can give a more detailed description of my testing. The major 
drawback is that Emacs opens two windows, one with the pdf, and a 2nd one 
with a dvi. Subsequent simpdftex-1 updates both, but synctex is quite


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