[OS X TeX] TeXshop - preview jumping after typeset

Christopher Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Mon Nov 10 20:23:07 CET 2008

On Nov 10, 2008, at 12:18 PM, Herbert Schulz wrote:
> On Nov 10, 2008, at 10:34 AM, Alain Schremmer wrote:
>> As weird as it might appear in the XXI st century, I am still using  
>> a Dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4 (as in 4 in hand) 1MB L3 cache 768 MB DDR  
>> Here is the "Hardware Overwiew":
>> Machine Name:	Power Mac G4
>> Machine Model:	PowerMac3,6
>> CPU Type:	PowerPC G4  (2.1)
>> Number Of CPUs:	2
>> CPU Speed:	1 GHz
>> L2 Cache (per CPU):	256 KB
>> L3 Cache (per CPU):	1 MB
>> Memory:	768 MB
>> Bus Speed:	167 MHz
>> Boot ROM Version:	4.4.8f2
>> Serial Number:	XB2352EYMMA
>> Sales Order Number:	M8689LL/A
>> From what you are saying, I gather that there is not much point in  
>> increasing the memory. But then  my brain is matched to this  
>> machine anyhow.
>> Grateful regards
>> --schremmer
> Howdy,
> Three words... Get More RAM! I'm not sure what the maximum RAM is  
> for your machine but I'd add at least 1GB and 2GB, if possible,  
> would be even better. Just make sure you're getting RAM for your  
> machine. There are several good sources for RAM and it gives you the  
> best bang for the buck. You will be amazed at the speed increase  
> simply because the OS won't have to continuously swap to the hard  
> drive.

You'll want to make sure, but this looks like the RAM you need:


I think your machine has a 2GB maximum, so you're looking at about US 
$72 + shipping (4 512MB sticks) to upgrade.


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