[OS X TeX] Acrobat Presentation Bundle -- Webdings

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Nov 7 21:59:57 CET 2008

>>> apb $ dvips webding_tst.dvi

I haven't received the original post, maybe some more failed to reach  

First, you're not supposed to produce DVI and run dvips! AcroTeX is  
based on PDF, so run pdfTeX in PDF mode! If you want to use DVI  
output and the dvips convertor, then include the apb.map line,  
adapted to their idioms, also in the MAP files for dvips and dvipdfm  
– just to have all three paths prepared.

Second, you can download the TTF files from MS, because they're free.  
OpenOffice and NeoOffice both can do this, Fink (package  
msttcorefonts) loads the whole set of MS free fonts (AndaleMono, 4  
Arial, Arial Black, 2 ComicSans, 4 Courier, 4 Georgia, Impact, 4  
Times, 4 Trebuchet, 4 Verdana, Webdings, I think).

When you install OpenOffice and you have fondu installed, then OO  
converts (or extracts from) the system's fonts the real font core  
files. These you can make available to TeX.



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