[OS X TeX] TeXshop - preview jumping after typeset

Warren Nagourney warren at phys.washington.edu
Fri Nov 7 20:29:20 CET 2008

Many thanks to the three people who responded to my queries. I will  
try to respond to each in turn.

Alain, thanks for your suggestions.  I do have a root file with  
\includes for each chapter, but it would make much more sense to have  
separate folders for each chapter and be able to typeset each  
individually as you suggested. I will probably change to your strategy.

My concern about speed is in part due to the fact that TeXtures on  
both a G5 and the latest Intel Mac takes about 1 second to typeset  
the entire TeXbook. I realize that TeXtures is carefully optimized on  
both architectures, but my 200 page document takes about 20 to 30  
seconds to typeset. My book is somewhat simpler than the TeXbook (so  
far).  The speed is very sensitive to the number of apps open - with  
a completely "clean plate" (no apps running), the typeset time can be  
a little as 10 seconds or so and this time can treble if I have a  
number of apps open. This suggests memory management issues, which  
inspired my question about caches or a ram disk. (I have 1 Gb of ram).

Themis, the problem has been around well before synchronization was  
possible in TeXshop. I am certainly not inadvertently using  

David, you bring up an interesting possibility. I experimented by  
placing the preview at some place a page or so before the end of the  
document and typesetting a second time without changing anything  
(just pushed the typeset button a second time). It did jump after the  
first typeset, but there was no change after the second typeset. I am  
therefore not observing the behavior you mentioned.  (I am using  
continuous scrolling).

Thanks again.

Warren Nagourney

On Nov 7, 2008, at 5:49 AM, David B. Thompson, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE,  
CFM wrote:

> On Nov 6, 2008, at 16:35 , Warren Nagourney wrote:
>> My problem is the frequent, seemingly random,  jumps of the  
>> preview window immediately after typesetting (using pdfLatex).  It  
>> will jump up to several pages from the place being viewed, forcing  
>> me to move back. It does this whether I am in page mode or  
>> continuously scrolling. The behavior takes a significant chunk out  
>> of my time and focus on the material and is frankly very annoying.  
>> This has always been a problem with TeXshop and I am finally  
>> motivated to find a fix, it it exists. Is there any fix?
> I also use TeXshop and have for several years. I don't use quite  
> your approach, preferring to manually trigger the typeset when I'm  
> between editing sessions or just want to check my code. I  
> frequently see the "jumping in preview" case you cite, but noticed  
> if I simply re-typeset the document I am back where I should be in  
> the preview pane. I think this is associated with pdflatex moving a  
> float around. A second typeset fixes the problem.
> At least it does on my systems.
> -=d
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