[OS X TeX] Using alpine and spam

cfrees at imapmail.org cfrees at imapmail.org
Thu Nov 6 01:06:50 CET 2008

On Wed 5th Nov, 2008 at 18:28, Arthur Snoke seems to have written:

> I thought I had replied to the thread that had morphed into a discussion 
> about e-mail programs, but I did not get a copy nor did I get any replies.  I 
> forget if on this listserv one gets copied on postings.
> I have been using Thunderbird on the mac (OS 10.4) but preferred the 
> flexibility I had with Pine on Sun Solaris (which is where my mailboxes are, 
> so I use imap with thunderbird).  I just installed alpine on the mac, but I 
> have not figured out how to filter spam.
> Is there a way?

The recommendation is to do this server side but it is possible to have
alpine do some either instead of or in addition to server-side
filtering. I certainly do this.

You can setup any number of custom filters and tell alpine which
folders/mailboxes to apply each to and what actions to take. So this is
generic. If you don't have a folder for junk you can create one in the
ordinary way and then tell alpine to move matches to that folder. If
you are very confident, you can have alpine remove the messages instead
but I wouldn't personally do this at least initially in case your rules
match more than you expect!

What I cannot remember is whether this feature depends on how you
compile alpine. Some features do.

>From the main menu: s (setup) -> r (rules) -> f (filters) I _think_.
See the built-in help for details.

And if anybody knows why I can't get my pruning rules to work, please
let me know!

- cfr

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