[OS X TeX] xcolor warning

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Nov 5 11:15:24 CET 2008

Am 03.11.2008 um 22:48 schrieb Salvatore Enrico Indiogine:

> Any idea?

A search with grep reveals:

./texmf-dist/tex/latex/xcolor/xcolor.sty:948:    \PackageWarning 
{xcolor}{Incompatible color definition}\else

The whole block is:

  {\XC at bcolor\XC at let@cN{\string\color at .}\XC at current@color
   \ifnum\XC at type{.}=1
     \PackageWarning{xcolor}{Incompatible color definition}\else
   \ifnum\XC at tracing>2
     \begingroup \let\xcolor@\@empty \def\@nil{\string\@nil}%
     \PackageInfo{xcolor}{Setting color `\XC at current@color'}%
   \XC at mcolor\set at color\XC at ecolor\ignorespaces}

The color documentation is in grfguide, xcolor has its own  

I would also need to read the documents to understand the case. Maybe  
using 0.0 instead of the integer value 0 removes the warning. Another  
option is to put

	\tracingcolors=<number greater 2>

into the preamble to get more feedback from xcolor.



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