[OS X TeX] "Hijacking" a thread

Joachim Kock jkock at start.no
Tue Nov 4 23:12:38 CET 2008


as the devil's advocate, let me rant a little against
those who fuss and complain about 'thread hijacking'.  

Don't take threading for more than it is: it is just 
some heuristics invented by some email clients, now 
suddenly taken as God-given.  If your email client
fools you, blame that email client and ask its
programmers for better heuristics.  

Do not blame persons using those email clients with 
hidden smartnesses.  For the user, there is a 
"To" field, a "Subject" field, and the body.  Nothing 
else is his reponsibility.  Email should be simple.  
You should not be required to read manuals or look into
semi-secret headers.  And in particular, nobody should
be blamed for not doing so.


PS: I am not against the list behaviour recommendations,
only against the attitude sometimes expressed.

PPS: this email is sent by typing in the To and Subject
fields.  How does your thread-savvy email client handle 
such a reply?  It *is* a reply, as you can see by the 
Subject line I chose.

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