[OS X TeX] How to deal with /var/root/.texlive2007

John Rawnsley J.Rawnsley at warwick.ac.uk
Mon May 19 10:47:12 CEST 2008

/var/root is root's home directory as a user. Think of invoking a  
shell using sudo as root logging in. So

sudo ls ~root

will show the contents.


On 2008-05-19, at 09:29, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Doing tests with updmap and updmap-sys, I inadvertently created a  
> directory /var/root/.texlive2007 (by running erroneously "sudo -H  
> updmap" instead of "sudo -H updmap-sys"). The only visible symptom  
> was the output, in Terminal:
> updmap: using transcript file `/var/root/.texlive2007/texmf-var/ 
> web2c/updmap.log'
> When attempting to navigate to this directory so as to see what's  
> inside then erase it, it appeared the directory  wasn't visible with  
> standard permissions, and using "sudo cd" had no effect (i.e. after  
> entering admin password the prompt indicates the directory is the  
> same):
> theo9mc182:~ bvoisin$ cd /var/root
> -bash: cd: /var/root: Permission denied
> theo9mc182:~ bvoisin$ sudo cd /var/root
> Password:
> theo9mc182:~ bvoisin$
> This evoked vaguely a post long ago on this list, telling cd was a  
> shell command instead of a stand-alone executable, implying that  
> sudo has no effect on it. Hence I resorted to launching a new shell  
> with super-user permissions, and then I was able to proceed:
> heo9mc182:var bvoisin$ sudo bash
> bash-3.2# cd /var/root
> bash-3.2#
> Is there a better way to do this, namely to see the content of /var/ 
> root without launching a new shell or without using Directory  
> Utility (in Leopard) to activate the root user?
> Just to clarify, the permissions for /var/root are on my setup:
> drwxr-x---   4 root      wheel      136 19 mai 10:02 root
> Bruno Voisin
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