[OS X TeX] Trouble accessing documents (related to previous thread)

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Wed Feb 27 19:41:12 CET 2008

At 12:31 PM -0500 2/27/08, Lantz Susan wrote:
>The comments in yesterday's digest about problems accessing
>documentation (for beamer) reminded me that I had not reported Sunday
>afternoon's search for documentation that, seemingly, does not exist.
>I was using the outlines package, and when the usual methods for
>changing itemsep, parskip, etc. did not work, I opened the terminal and
>texdoc outlines
>The terminal returned the answer that there was no documentation for
>outlines. I don't know if that is, indeed, the case, or if this is one
>of the files for which the documentation has a different name.

I don't think outines is part of TeXLive, so 
perhaps you don't have documentation because you 
(i) have a local copy and/or (ii) you didn't 
install the documentation in the correct place in 
your local texmf tree.  Your ~/Library/texmf 
should have a doc folder.  If you put the 
documentation for extra packages there, texdoc 
should find it.

>If anyone knows the answer to that question---or to the question of how
>to change the inter-item spacing---I'd like to hear it (them).

outlines itself has no facilities for this.  It 
seems to play well with the enumitem package, 

\usepackage{outlines, enumitem}
\setlist{noitemsep} % removes the extra vertical spacing
\1 foo
\1 bar
\2 foo0bar
\2 foobar
\1 barfoo


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